Tuesday, 2 July 2013


With now just under two weeks to go, its all systems go to get Timmy back on the road. We knew at the beginning that there was quite a lot of work to do, but I think even Joe underestimated the work there was to get him ready for such a big trip. With lists that just seemed to keep getting amended as more parts were thought of, it seemed to be a harder challenge then we first thought to get him ready in time. Parcel after parcel of car parts arrived as more items were needed, and after a trek round the M25 to Mini Spares, the boot was soon filled with goodies!

Here are some pictures of Timmys' progress:

Taking him down to the other garage to begin work

Welding some small areas of the floor
The engine ready to come out 

Engine out!

Floor painted
Carbon fibre parcel shelf fitted
New head gasket
Cylinder head ready to be painted
Coming together!

Back in!

But HOORAY as I am typing this I can hear Timmy just being started up in the garage! All seems to be working and Joe is very pleased wahoo!


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