Wednesday, 17 July 2013

La Bresse!

So what has happened today? Not a massive amount, which has been nice, as although we’ve only been away for a few days now, the busy-ness and rushing to get everything done, the car, paperwork, the car, equipment and the car (did I mention the car?) finally having a day to chill whilst feeling fairly confident about the rest of the trip is nice. Really nice.

Relaxing after some big hills!

I’m sitting typing this from a camp chair next to Tim where the laptop has just been charging itself from a power inverter inside the car. I tried turning the laptop on with it still plugged in but it started beeping at me madly, so I unplugged it, afraid that it, the charger or the laptop would burst into flames. Or maybe all three. Did just have a worrying moment where I best thought I’d try and start it just incase charging the laptop was using too much juice. Not that I’d be able to do a lot if it had drained it, being a fool I think I’m carrying every spare apart from a pair of jump leads. Maybe I’d get Han to push me down the hill we’re camped on whilst I bump start him? Anyway, none of this was necessary, he started straight away, of course he did. Good little Tim.

He’s been running great of course, went for a little drive today up some mountain roads, he didn’t seem to be a massive fan of altitude though, we went to just over a thousand meters. Where I’d usually be in 4th I needed 3rd, 3rd needed 2nd, managed to stay out of first, hills are bloody steep round here!. Good job I stayed out of first really, considering tractors would probably be overtaking us by then! Kinda reminds me of that scene from that pants Mr. Bean film. You know where he goes through all the effort of stealing the Frenchman’s motorbike, only to have the Frenchman overtake him whilst walking and then taking back his bike. Just typing that made me realise how irrelevant that is, ah well, it’s staying in.

Snapped by the 'Papz':

Coming down:

Great roads round here:

Off the beaten track:

'That' scene:

Anyway, we found a lake, a nice one as well, and after failing to decipher the French warning signs but taking a gamble all the same that there wouldn’t be any sharks or crocodiles or jellyfish in there, we decided to go for a swim. It was bloody cold. Han dared me to try and swim across the lake, after getting half way out and realising that the lake was perhaps bigger than I first anticipated, I swam back. I’m a chicken I know, but it was cold. Honest.

Zee lake:

Testing the water:

Not quite Baywatch!:

Popped into La Bresse on the way back, as needed dinner for tonight as well as something to drink as I’d drank most of the beer from last night. After spending ages in the drinks aisle with Han marvelling at all the different variations we couldn’t decide between a few. So we brought all of them. Getting them in the car was fun!

Spotted our first French Mini!:

Now currently just relaxing typing this out, about to take a wander up to reception to borrow there internet to publish this. My stove started playing up last night, emptying half a can of Coleman’s finest gas over the grass, bummer. Luckily I brought a spare little stove, Seven P’s and all that!

Camp at Camping du Haut des Bluches, La Bresse:

Oooh yeah, I finished my first book of the trip. The Long Ride Home by Nathan Millward. About a pretty inspiring English guy who has problems renewing his work visa in Oz, so instead of doing what most normal people would do and book a plane ticket home. He decided to ride 35’000 KM home through 18 countries on a Honda 110 postie bike over 9 months. Fantastic book, really well written and a great story to boot. I met Nathan back at the MCN show in February, he even signed the book for me, if he’s (your) reading this, sorry it took me so long to finish it!

That all for now, heading into Switzerland tomorrow, pretty excited about that as I’ve never been to Switzerland before.

Peace, Joe.

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