Saturday, 20 July 2013

To Switzerland and back again!

So firstly we’d like to apologise for the lack of posts past couple of days, really struggling to find the wifi out here! Now where are we?

Well, the plan was to leave La Bresse and head into Switzerland, heading to a small town called Cudrefin just south of Munchenbuchsee. So we set off, only roughly a two hour drive away. But before we headed out of France, the Satnav led us on to what Joe would call an ‘awesome piece of road’. I on the other hand, wasn’t so convinced, turns out the French don’t particularly like having barriers to prevent you from falling to your death down the side of a mountain!

The roads:

So in we went to Switzerland, or what we thought was Switzerland, turns out we were yet to reach Switzerland and were in fact on the border of Germany, oh well another country to add to our list! Once we were finally in Switzerland then came having to get the motorway tax, and how the hell we were meant to ask for it in Swiss?! Then came the standard pointing at the display they had, works every time!
Driving through Switzerland was beautiful, the sun was out, and I looked like a typical tourist taking photos hanging out the window! Turns out the Swiss like a tunnel as much as the French dont like having barriers!

 Catching our reflection:
Then the rain started as we were around 2 miles away from our destination. Turning into the campsite, seeing the look of horror on Joe's face when he saw it, I knew we definitely wouldn't be staying here! The campsite was MAHOOSIVE ( we were space 720!), and to make things less appealing, you couldn't park the car onsite, and with us hardly driving the most inconspicuous car ever, it wasnt something we were keen on!
So we hastily returned to Timmy, still clutching our sign for space 720, and sped off! Driving around and with the rain still pouring, we needed a plan B. At this point Joe grabbed the satnav, claiming that we were only 140 miles from Chamonix and could make it there by 7. Now knowing how much Joe has mentioned how much he loves Chamoix from his time there the previous summer, I was pretty sure that he had set this up on purpose!
After a short stop at the local Mcdonalds, where we were thoroughly ripped off I may add, recognising that the prices were all in Francs, we asked if they took Euros, they said they did, but then gave the change back to us in Francs, how useful!

Caught in a downpour:

So we left Switzerland as quickly as we had entered and we were on the road again to Chamonix. After how much Joe had hyped it up I was expecting big things from Chamonix! So we arrived here the night before last fairly late and ended up heading straight to bed. Yesterday we headed into the town to explore, Joe was right (but I won't let him know that), Chamonix is a really cool place! Such a great vibe in the town, surrounded by some of the best views I have ever seen! I'm sure Joe will want to tell you more when he is next on here, so I'll leave him to describe further! We plan to spend the rest of today doing some more exploring and preparing to leave for our next destination tomorrow, St Pierre D'Argencon.

Hoping to post again tomorrow, but for now thanks for reading!

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