The Car

This page is laid out kinda chronologically, for latest spec and pics of Tim skip to the bottom!

My chosen overland vehicle, is something a little different from the Land Rover Defenders and Discoverys, Toyota Land Cruisers and equivalent Mitsubishis. Being it is a 1993 Classic Mini. I've owned the car since i was 17 and have always loved travelling, whilst i was growing up we had an endless stream of Land Rovers (I still have a 1959 Series 2) this probably helped push this enthusiasm for travelling via vehicle to unknown (too me) lands! Anyway, the summer just gone i had planned a trip to cover a fair amount of Europe, namely, France, Switzerland and Italy. 2 months before the trip though and i still hadn't decided on what vehicle i was taking with me! One night up zee pub, i had the bright idea of taking the Mini. It was kind of a 'why not?' sort of idea. It had just about enough room, was reasonable on fuel, simple to work on, i knew the mechanics very well, plus it had the advantageous factor of seeming to attract looks just about everywhere you go. Very beneficial when your planning on plastering it in sponsors stickers and the like!

The idea stuck, and i had roughly 6 weeks to transform my first car from a SORN rolling shell that had been off the road for over a year, into a vehicle that i would have a reasonable amount of confidence in and that could take us 4'500 miles around Europe! As well as finishing my college degree and trying to fund the thing at the same time!

Looking rather sorry for himself before the work began!

4 days before we were due to leave, by some miracle, or down to mine and my dads precise and accurate engineering (I'll leave you to choose!), the Mini managed to pass its MOT, first time!

The day of the MOT!

5'000 miles later, the Mini made it back from Europe, and with almost no mechanical hiccups! I had to change a pair of wheel bearings, fix (bodge) a broken radiator mount, change some engine steady bushes and tinker with the carburettor occasionally. That was it! I was astonished, and pretty proud of myself for managing to throw together such an (apparently) reliable vehicle!

Me and my trusty Mini!

Fast forward 2 years and Tim is barely recognisable compared to the car that plodded around Europe 2 years ago, (okay hes still Blue and is a Mini) he now has a fancy new engine as the old one was giving up the ghost, revamped interior, plus a whole host of other modifications and upgrades.

Engine/Running Gear

1275 A+ original block, bored to 1330
Omega forged pistons
Lightened and x-drilled crank, full balanced rotating assembly.
Swiftune SW5 cam
Calver ST hybrid head
Specialist Components 5 port injection kit
Maniflow Exhaust system, center exit tailpipe
DSN Classics engine steadys, polyflex bushes
Minispares 'Supercool' 2 Core Rad
Hot climate 6 blade fan
Smaller water pump pulley
Silicone hoses
3.44 Final Drive
4 pin diff
Stand alone fuel system (swirl pot in the boot, Walbro 255)
Bunch of other boring engine stuff!


Standard suspension set-up.
Minispares Yellow spot cones.
KAD on-car adjustable tie rods
KAD rear camber plates and handbrake quadrants
Adjustable bottom arms
Extended track rod ends
Bilstein Shock absorbers
Mintex M1144 Brake pads
12" steel wheels wrapped in Maxsport RB1F
Bunch of other suspension/braking stuff!


Custom dashboard
2x Focal 4" Speakers connected to Alpine head unit
Stack instrumentation
Sparco bucket seats, properly mounted on crossmembers on the floor.
Safety Devices 6 Point Roll Cage
Rear harness bar
Schroth 4 point harnesses
Carbon fibre bulkhead/firewall
250W Inverter
4x 12v sockets
iPad mount
Garmin GPS
Auxiliary power and lighting lines
Custom wiring
Bunch of other interior  stuff!

When not travelling, Tim is used almost daily, although i do find myself wondering why people stare so much at me at traffic lights, then i remember im sitting in a 20 year old noisy, smelly Mini, covered in stickers, leaking oil and weighed down with spotlights. I wouldn't have it any other way!

If you have any questions about the spec of the car, please feel free to ask, and i'll do my best to answer them. Since i built the car i should have a fair idea!


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