Sponsors and Thanks!

There are many people out there who without them this trip wouldn't of been able to take place, so this is just a short piece to them.

With the challenge of visiting and crossing tougher and more challenging terrain, traction was an issue, so in search of more grips, I contacted Maxsport tyres too see what they could do for us! Tim now wears 4 of there RB1F tyres, as well as carrying 2 spares. Big thanks to Bryn at MaxSport for sorting these out for us! Haven't got stuck yet....!
Maxsport Tyres

Big thankyou to Si at X-engineering, who in response to me sending out an e-mail inquiring about there x-charge system, promptly sent me one in the post as sponsorship, i didn't even know royal mail worked that fast! Stickers have pride of place in the rear windows Si, and the x-charge has been faultless.

Thanks to Maniflow for making there superb exhausts, i won't use anything else on a Mini! And thanks to the guys there for there superb service, helpfulness and wee bit of discount they gave us in aid of the trip!

Thanks to Simon at Minispares again for there wee bit of discount that they have done for us, considering the thousands of pounds that i've probably spent there though i'm sure you've done alright out of it! Thanks again!

Big thankyou to Graham of 'DA3 Magazine' for sorting out the signwriting of the car! Looks brilliant, and works superbly tied in with everything else! Thanks again, has been drawing crowds wherever it's gone, and has done wonders for blog publicity!
DA3 Magazines Facebook Page

Thanks to anyone that's had anything to do with the car or otherwise, whether you were able to help out economically or not, all this wouldnt be happening without your help. Quick shoutout goes to Calver Special TuningMED EngineeringSpecialist Components, Campervan CultureAsh Tyre Services and all the others that i've forgotten about! Sorry!

Lastly for now, thanks to everyone, family, friends and otherwise that have helped in one way or the other to enable us to do this. And a big thankyou to my Dad, for the use of his garage, tools but most importantly brains. Without his electrical skills there would be no way that the car would of even made it to it's MOT, let alone anywhere further!

Interested in sponsoring or have an idea of how you could help? I'm always willing to listen, no matter how big or small the offer may be! Feel free to contact me via e-mail: joefmercer@gmail.com

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