Monday, 29 July 2013

On the road again!

Apologies to everyone thats missed us! Our excuse is a simple one really, for the last 4 days we have been staying at Les Ranchisses campsite in L'Argentiere. We met up with family, went swimming and went out for dinner but mostly we were busy doing nothing. For that reason it's pretty hard to do a blog post on erm... Nothing. But below is Les Ranchisses in pictures...:

Arriving at Les Ranchisses:

Seeing pretty Motorbikes:

Changing wheel bearings on the car:

Putting him back together:

Making friends and sitting out and watching storms:

Apologies for the crap photos, and the severe lack of them!

Yesterday we left Les Ranchisses, fired Timmy up and set his wheels rolling again in a Southbound direction! It was lovely being at Les Ranchisses, having the use of the pool, having time to relax and sort the car out, change the wheel bearings as well as making friends and having far too much to drink in the evenings! But at the same time, we're aiming to get atleast as far as the Amalfi coast in Italy... Which is over 1000 miles away at the moment. That number wasn't getting any smaller laying by the pool!

Last night we stayed at camping Les Olivettes just outside of Les Mees, lovely little campsite, and we met some people with a very cool VW T25 camper, the space alone that they had was pure luxury! Let alone the  two double beds, 4 burner hob and grill and table and chairs... It sounds like im jealous, i'm not... Okay, maybe a wee bit. Most expensive campsite so far though, i nearly choked when she said 28 euros, especially when we only take up quarter of a pitch!

Before getting to Les Olivettes yesterday we met this Scottish guy on the A7 in a Citroen 2CV, i'm not usually a fan but this was quite cool, plus Han loves them. Apparently there's an international meeting of them in Spain next week, over 10'000 2CV's are due to turn up!

Currently we're sitting in a Maccy D's, stealing there wi-fi, and just filled up on 2 big Mac's! We are now on our way to a campsite just outside Cannes, about 100 miles away, there for 2 nights and heading into Cannes tonight and Monaco tomorrow... Well that's the plan anyway!

Post again soon, Joe.

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