Saturday, 29 June 2013


So the blog is in progress, as is the car...
Currently we are in preparation for our summer road trip across Europe, a trip we have somehow resorted to naming 'Francoitalianoswiss'.
As I am typing this, there are only 16 days until we set off on our adventures, and whilst Joe has spent most off the past few weeks reassuring me that everything will be all fine and we'll ready to go, the current lack of car parts and interior is slightly concerning me!The trip seems to have suddenly appeared just around the corner, as the ferry has been booked for Monday the 15th July, just over two weeks away now! No pressure!
Our trip takes us down through France and heading into Italy, with us also stopping into Switzerland at various points of the road trip. We've planned to travel for just over four weeks, doing an estimated 4500 miles. Currently we have a general idea of the route we are going to take, and as we intend to camp (help me), we also have a list of numerous campsites available to us. The longest I have ever camped is probably only a few days at a time, so the idea of four weeks in a tent is a little daunting to say the least! Nevertheless i'm up for giving it a go! Just hoping for decent weather, unlike in Wales where it just seemed to rain all the time!
After we had decided that the road trip was something that we definitely wanted to do, and that we could afford to do, then began the long deliberation over which vehicle we were going to do it in. From Landrovers to Camper vans, and Joe's current Mini One, it seemed like every vehicle Joe wanted to take, my Ford Ka at the time however was not something Joe took into much consideration, even though it appeared to be more reliable than his at the time! Then we looked into taking Timmy, Joe's 1993 Mini Tahiti. Previously used as his first car, before the idea of turning him into a rally car was formed and poor Timmy was shipped off to the garage. With the realization that this would be a lot more expensive and time consuming then originally thought, Timmy was left.

Timmy Before:

Becoming a rally car:

Banished to the garage :(

Now, having escaped the garage, Timmy has become the favorite choice of vehicle, resulting in the name of the blog 'Small Car, Big Adventure'. Various stickers have also been produced to promote our trip and we are currently trying to get some sign writing for the side of the car! Joe has also been doing his best to publicize our trip by making up a sign for his braces at work:

This blog will be used to throughout our trip, that fingers crossed we will be ready for! Updates should hopefully be more frequent, and there will be more posts of Timmy's progress this week.
Thanks for reading!

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