Thursday, 25 September 2014

On the road again....

Okay, so once again, apologies for the massive length of time between the last update and this one, its been a very busy few months. Once again, work and life has got in the way of travel, which has left me with very itchy feet, and due to Timmy popping his engine not long before we were sort of half-planning to go away, very empty pockets!

The last few months have been spent mainly working on Tim, giving him a thorough refresh and a brand new engine has been built and installed. I'll leave out the boring details but he now has around double the power and double the torques. As well as new shiney suspension and much more ground clearance, plus much much more. He's now covered nearly a thousand miles since being 'recommissioned' and is running better than ever!

Me and Tim will be at the Adventure Overland show this weekend, at Stratford race course. Will hopefully be leaving work early tomorrow and will be there early evening! Looking forward to the weekend and will be there until Monday, last year was a blast! If your there and see us feel free to come and say hello, always happy to chat and answer any questions you might have...!

Until then, heres some pics of Timster pretty much as he is now!

Peace, Joe.

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