Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Adventure Overland Show 2014

So the weekend of the 27th of September was penciled in my diary as the adventure overland show.... Well if i had a diary it would of been! This a brilliant event that i've attended for the last few years now that takes place at Stratford racecourse, just outside Stratford-Upon-Avon. True one of a kind show, that combines overland travel of all nature, whether your on a pushbike, motorbike, in a car, Land Rover or in some 10 ton expedition truck, everyone is welcome!

Our little set-up!

Me and Tim drove up on the Friday night, and after negotiating Londons biggest car park (the M25), we arrived in a little over 3 hours. Tim ran almost faultlessly all the way there and back again, i say almost because i think his alternator has finally given up. I cant blame it really, it has had a lot of use, abuse and misuse! Luckily my trusty Bosch battery out of a Peugeot diesel kept us going and the beers cold (priorities!) in the coolbox throughout the weekend!

Admittedly i didn't cook for the whole weekend,
can you blame me when there cooking pizza this
good in the back of a Land Rover?!!

Main show days were on Saturday and Sunday, me and Tim set up just opposite the main events office. This meant that he got loads of attention/admiring glances/people taking photos/and little kids climbing over him.... The unfortunate part was that people had to listen too me rabble on about minis and travel and why you don't need a £50k Land Rover to go overland! If anyone is reading this that i met over the weekend then wahooo, the stickers worked! Seriously though, it was great too meet everyone, and i hope you had as good a weekend as i did!

Thanks to Tom McGuigan for organizing yet another great show, for yet another great pitch and for the great curry/beerfest on Sunday night! To Chris and Cate from 'Ride any Road' for a hilarious and varied Saturday night, shblaaaddd! To Graham Fields for forcing Jagermeister and Sambuca down my throat. To the G4 Challenge owners club for the hospitality and allowing me to camp next too them. And to anyone else that i may of spoken too over the course of the weekend! And of course a big thanks to my sponsors, that weekend means the car has now done a thousand miles on its new engine, without the help of you guys Tim probably still wouldn't of turned a wheel!

Anyway, enough typing, my fingers are tired... Pictures!

Hot air balloons were cool, although seeming
massively uncontrollable!

 Will always have a soft spot for anything Land Rover
and orange, G4 Challenge vehicles are awesome.

Proper Toyota trucks are cool, plus i loved the pop
top roof. Far too practical for me though!

More Landy love!

Stickers! Shout out and thanks to 'We the terrors'
'Campervan Culture', 'Minispares', 'Ash Tyres', 'Opie Oils',
and most imporantly of the rear window, Bruce the shark.

'Frank' the turtle, Tims long term mascot... Just chillin' in the back window.

Another update soon, with next trip details.
Peace, Joe.

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