Monday, 12 May 2014

It's been a while....

Okay, so it's been over 7 months since i last posted on here, really didn't mean for it too be that long. But combining taking Timmy off the road for the winter, and also starting a new job in November, really haven't had the time for gallivanting off around the world in my trusty old Mini! As much as i would of liked to it just really wasn't the right time! So since last October a lot has changed, and not all of it has been good, but change is what it is, and sometimes you can't always change it... Besides, if things are meant too be then they will be, there is no point rushing them trying to make them happen!

Sooo, around a month ago, i pulled Tim out of hibernation, after leaving his battery on charge for a few hours, he started first turn of the key.... Of course he did, i never doubted him for a second, well not much anyway. I insured him for the year (Ouch!) with extended Euro travel cover and have been using him occasionally for the last couple of weeks. I'd forgotten just how ridiculous he was to drive, in a fantastic kind of way! Steering wheel position is more akin to driving a bus than a car, pedals are in the middle of the car, the noise is ridiculous, and just driving down the road results in being shaken all over the place. But it's great, and for travelling, i still don't know what i'd replace him with!

A wee bit of work has commenced, mainly repairing/fixing things that broke/wore out last time we were away, oh and i've moved the steering position into a much more sensible position. Although getting in and out of the car has been made a wee more difficult...! Basically all the suspension has been renewed now as well, i won't go into details, as its pretty boring stuff too be honest! Far more expeditiony/overlandy/adventurey type preparation is happening soon, including a new custom roof and rear rack, loads of lighting changes, and i might even finally get around to fitting my split charge system!

As for where we are going next, its all still in limbo at the moment.... I really fancy the idea of Morocco, of course going over land, so Dover to Calais, down through France, through Spain then across the Gibraltar Strait into Morocco. Massive appeal is that we'd officially be out of Europe. Other option is to head North, through France, Belgium, Holland, Germany, Denmark and into Sweden, keep heading North until i run out of road. Then maybe visit Finland and Russia on the way back down.... As you may of guessed i don't really have anything that even vaguely resembles a plan.... Hopefully by the next post i'll have much more of an idea, especially considering i've booked 4 weeks off in the summer! Oh and sadly i've lost my co-driver Hannah (not actually lost), so my next trip will be just the pair of us, me and Tim. At least i wont have too put up with all the bags of shoes....

That's all for now, apologies for the mostly pointless post of ramblings, but i mainly wanted you to know that this site is not dead, and i will be updating it in much more of a regular fashion from now onwards.... Honest!

Peace and love,

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  1. Hey Joe - definitely up for joining you through Morocco if you decide to head that way!

    We're planning Algeciras-Tanger crossings then Casablanca/Marrakech/Atlas Mountains/Fes and back to Tanger.

    So jealous of your trip last year but here's to leaving the UK in just 10 weeks time! (SkinnyMinny)