Tuesday, 4 August 2015

We are back! And have a ferry to catch...

We are back! And when i say 'we', I of course mean me and Tim. First of all, massive apologies for the massive amount of neglect this blog has received, its been a busy crazy year with far too much happening to list and bore you with on here... Secondly, an even more massive thank you to everyone thats been viewing this blog, at the time of writing this its had well over seven thousand, (SEVEN THOUSAND!!) views, which considering that i've neglected this for almost a year is pretty incredible, so thanks to everyone that's logged on, sorry for the lack of posts, but i hope you enjoyed what you read!
Cheesy grin from all the views!

So, whats new? Stuff about me is pretty uninteresting, so lets talk about the Mini that you've all ended up on this page for! Tim has been running very well for around 6 months now, and i have had faith in him restored... Unfortunately it wasn't an easy road to get to this point. Issues with fuelling, mapping, cooling, interior, suspension and ultimately funding to sort out these issues meant that at points Tim sat motionless whilst i gathered the funds, parts and sometimes motivation to get him finished. The end result was more than worth it though, he now drives fantastically, and is more or less ready for anything.... I love my Timster.

My 'office' had a bit of a freshen up!

With this year being a busy one, up until very recently we haven't been on any, or been able to plan any adventures worthy of much mention. We have been attending and have been lucky to be on display at a few shows though, Brooklands mini day, Bromley Pageant, Brands Mini fest, Ash village day, Cambridge Mini chill... Among a few others! If your reading this as a result of seeing us at any of the shows, then Wahoooo, having Tim covered in stickers worked!

 Brooklands mini day, in the rain.... Booo!

On display at Bromley pageant in the sunshine!

So yeah, about that ferry... A few weeks ago I came in from work and my feet were seriously itching (as in a need to travel, not a funky rash....)... So an hour or so later, and rather impulsively, i'd spent far too much money and booked me and Tim on a ferry from Portsmouth to Santander... Stoked.
I'd always fancied touring Spain, and it just sorta happened... Currently, i have very little plan on what im going to do once over there, which is rather worrying since i leave in 2 weeks today!

Yup, i really did pay it!

Ferry gets me into Santander, and plan is to head west first, then south down into Portugal, all the way down to the Algarve, stop off in Gibraltar, head east towards Sierra Nevada, the Tabernas desert and of course drive up the Veleta. Thats as much of a plan as i've got, yup, it really is that vague!
I keep toying with the idea of getting a ferry from Barcelona to Sardinia and then island hopping over to Corsica and then either getting the ferry from Corsica back to France or Sardina to Naples, Italy... I really like that latter idea, but really it comes down to whether i can afford the extra ferry fees, and the costs of being away longer with more mileage!

Weather like this in July really makes you yearn for foreign lands.

I have a few must sees in Spain, which i'll explain in later posts, and the rough idea is to avoid motorways almost completely, spend a fair amount of time off tarmac completely, see these sights, go skydiving, climbing, swimming, diving, meet people, get lost and just enjoy travelling for travels sake. For we have no real destination, the adventure is in the journey.

I'll post more news as it happens, i've just had the alarming thought that i'm not overly sure where i've left my passport, and Tim may need an MOT... Hmmm, we have more to do than i thought!

Peace, and thanks for reading, Joe.

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